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Tools for dealing Internet Explorer

Front end developers across the globe rejoiced when Microsoft finally started upgrading user browsers by default. Those same developers would … Read More

Coda 2 Twilight-esque Color Scheme

I was excited to play with the latest version of Coda 2 from Panic Software today. However I needed to convert my coding color scheme into their new format (.sss).

An Online Presence with Flavors.me

I recently discovered flavors.me which offers a way to consolidate your social/web presence. It is a freemium service, but it … Read More

Code Snippets from Jeff Starr

I am a huge fan of Jeff Starr’s Work, especially his WordPress book co-authored with Chris Coyier. Late last year … Read More

If a Livefyre falls in the woods…

After researching three integrated commenting systems I have settled on a trial run of Livefyre. Since I mostly publish just … Read More

Styling Google Forms

A recent project required that I use a google form, however when you embed them they come in with a … Read More